Normal Postgame Theatre

The following is a log I experienced today. It is worth sharing, if only because it went on for 20 minutes or so.

Jhin joined the lobby
Lucian joined the lobby
Bard joined the lobby
Thresh joined the lobby
Trynd joined the lobby
Ekko joined the lobby
Fiora joined the lobby
Gangplank joined the lobby
Cass joined the lobby
Xin joined the lobby
Jhin earned an S- on Jhin
Gangplank earned an S- on Gangplank
Thresh earned an S on Thresh
Jhin: that ending
Lucian left the lobby
Fiora: Legit thought i was gonna fight gp
Fiora: NOPE
Fiora: Ekko instead
Trynd: you feed this dude like 5 kills early game then talk about 80% win rates
Fiora: Brought exhaust for nothing
Jhin left the lobby
Cass: check my fucking profile stop complaining
Trynd: ggwp this cass is a troll
Ekko: lol
Cass: ur just salty
Cass: its a fucking normal game
Xin: We planned pickban
Fiora left the lobby
Trynd: it’s confusing how you can make such stupid decisions
Cass: I got tilted
Trynd: with a “80% win rate”
Cass: chill tf out
Cass: haha u dont believe my i see
Trynd: nah man u wasted our time
Bard left the lobby
Cass: lol
Trynd: it doesn’t matter you’re shit kid
Cass: lol
Xin: lol gaiz
Trynd: it has nothing to do with playing cass
Xin: it’s a normy
Cass: ^
Trynd: this dude feeds and says ” man i was trying to help”
Cass: tell it to this tryndamere
Ekko: where else do you learn how to play
Cass: trynd is such an ez champ
Cass: u cant talk
Xin: I didn’t know trynd ult lasted until the end of the game lol
Cass: ^
Cass: i can do better than that trynd
Cass: he so fucking ez to play
Trynd: it isn’t about the champ
Cass: lol
Cass: say whatever u want
Trynd: you’re brain dead kid
Cass: ur point makes no fucking sense with the evidence i have
Cass: lol
Trynd: how many wards did you buy?
Cass: ur just salty
Cass: lol
Trynd: then you bitch about Xin ganks
Cass: lol
Cass: i mean u dont even gank shit first of all
Cass: barely
Cass: at least
Cass: lmao
Cass: stop talking
Trynd: i farmed and counter jgld
Xin: 😉 psychological warfare
Cass: woah
Trynd: and got two drags
Cass: thats so cool
Trynd: wtf you want me to do
Trynd: this Xin ganked 4 times and was behind
Cass: lol
Trynd: this is what i mean
Cass: lemme check ur profile
Trynd: this dude is deflecting
Cass: lol
Trynd: my point is for you not to bitch the whole game but not listen when ppl are trying to help you
Trynd: let fiora carrry and stfu and build ap
Trynd: but nah you tilt and feed
Cass: totally
Cass: trying to help me
Cass: talking shit to me
Cass: totally
Xin: I think we can all learn from this.
Trynd:you get shit talked to you when you don’t listen to pings
Trynd: are you that dense?
Cass: lol
Trynd: you helping means sit in ur lane and farm
Trynd: since ur shit with ur champ
Trynd: thats okay just don’t waste our time playmaking and bitching about how the enemy team is so strong
Cass: exactly
Cass: im new to the fucking champ
Trynd: act like you win 80% of ur games and you won’t get baby sat all game
Cass: lol why is like the whole enemy team still there
Trynd: fuking useless
Cass: lol
Thresh: Well to be honest
Thresh: I kinda find all of this amusing
Cass: ^
Thresh: like the tryn is just totally losing it
Thresh: its great
Cass: ^
Cass: hes getting salty over one game
Cass: this is one of my worst games
Cass: ive ever played
Trynd: you didn’t see our team chat
Cass: and he wont believe that
Thresh: probably
Xin: I just like being behind, but knowing I’m ahead because the team is killing itself from the inside.
Cass: whatya mean
Cass: this guy was going all toxic on me
Cass: which tilted me
Cass: which made me play terrible
Thresh: that was the planb
Trynd: bc u don’t listen
Thresh: making you guys destroy one another
Cass: i didnt listen
Cass: because u didnt ask politely
Cass: u fucking like
Cass: dude u piece of shit
Cass: stop
Cass: u fucking idiot
Trynd: ???
Cass: ???
Cass: keep acting
Cass: like u didnt say those shit
Trynd: but you won’t address the points i made
Cass: because ur saying it like that
Trynd: you’re insulting me but not referencning the game
Cass: jesus
Cass: lol
Trynd: fuk your feeling lil bitch
Cass: new champ
Cass: chill tf out
Cass: just a game
Trynd: nah
Trynd: die in a car accident
Cass: i mean
Xin: I feel like we need separate rooms here, then ask where the Cass/Trynd touched you.
Trynd: TODAY!
Cass: lol
Cass: does anyone agree with trynd or me?
Cass: jesus
Xin: It’s a mix.
Cass: im trying to be nice with u
Cass: but ur just giving me shit
Cass: for messing up one game
Xin: Like, here’s how it works: Don’t tell the enemy you’re new because we’ll camp you.
Cass: yea
Xin: But on the other hand, trynd ult forever is hillarious and will lose you the game forever
Cass: thats a lesson i learned today
Trynd: Point: if you are learning a new champ help your team by listening to those who will carry
Cass: trynd is pretty strong
Cass: u didnt do bad
Cass: not gonna lie
Cass: and yes
Trynd: let the fiora carry but you wanted to be point gaurd or some shit
Cass: i was shit that game
Cass: i will admit that
Cass: but giving me shit for learning a champ
Trynd: “it is not about the champ”
Cass: and tilting me
Cass: not that
Trynd: it is about you not listening
Trynd: wtf are you not getting
Xin: Yeah but if you’re rude
Cass: i dont like to repeat myself
Xin: Nobody listens out of principle.
Cass: im not gonna listen if ur just gonna yell at me
Cass: makes no sense
Trynd: ppl get rude when you feed and don’t listen the first 4 times
Cass: why would i want to listen to someone who is yelling at me
Cass: lol
Xin: Like, it’s worth more to throw a game into shitsville if the person you’re pissing off is a legitimately bad person.
Cass: all of them were just spam pinging and yell at me
Trynd: wtf you are speaking about ur self in third person
Cass: i dont usually do this fucking bad
Trynd: like ur a victim
Cass: chill the fuck out
Trynd: bitch take responsibility and focus
Trynd: ydb
Xin: Woah there.
Cass: trick2g reference
Cass: i like that
Xin: Responsibility is a ranked word.
Trynd: this dude is dense man
Cass: i cant focus if ur giving me shit the whole entire game
Cass: lol
Trynd: then mute me
Xin: Well, yeah, you helped build the wall.
Trynd: but at least listen to fiora
Cass: i did for a little
Cass: fiora was literally in queue with me
Xin: You gotta’ be like Reagan and tgell them to tear down the wall… Nicely.
Cass: he wasnt mad
Cass: he was like thats ok
Gangplank left the lobby (Editor’s note: GP’s name had something to do with the Soviet Union)
Cass: everyone has bad games
Trynd: this dude has no understanding of macro play it is sad
Cass: including u
Cass: trynd
Cass: lol
Xin: I told him to tear down the wall. It works!
Cass: lol
Trynd: you threw the game hard dude
Trynd: waste of 50 min
Cass: Yes I did
Trynd: you didnt’ learn shit
Thresh: This is a normal game
Cass: but it was a bad game for me
Trynd: fuk cass
Xin: It wasn’t just him. We caught fiora too.
Cass: its a fucking normal game
Cass: fuck trynd
Cass: he is so easy
Trynd: you need to get better at lol
Thresh: if he learned a little bit about cassiopiea it wasnt a waste
Cass: i could do the smae thing
Cass: lol
Cass: lmao
Cass: stop talking
Cass: playing a
Cass: n
Cass: ez champ
Cass: and dissing me playing a hard champ and learning
Cass: jesus
Trynd: im not gunna argue about champ selection
Trynd: you keep deflecting
Cass: its because ur giving me shit
Trynd: ggwp good job not throwing ur lead enemy team
Cass: lol
Trynd: this dude is a fuking caster minion
Xin: Well, we tried at the end.
Xin: I tried.
Trynd: it’s a waste of 50 min
Xin: I think you two are in the crazy cycle.
Xin: You guys need to go out on a retreat and then come back together when your minds are cleared.
Cass: do u take this game that seriously
Cass: jesus
Cass: christ
Trynd: this dude need to die
Trynd: today
Thresh: bro
Trynd: immediately
Cass: how
Thresh: im talking to you tryn
Cass: do i deserve that
Trynd: like from a gas leak explosion or something
Cass: ?
Cass: akes no sense
Cass: how do i deserve to die
Thresh: this converstaion is a waste of 50 minutes and i love it
Trynd: bc ur useless
Cass: im just trying to teach trynd somethiung
Cass: yea
Cass: nice
Trynd: nah dude die
Cass: lol
Xin: Okay that’s it: Don’t try to teach.
Trynd: maybe from food poisoning
Cass: thats ur way to end a conversation
Cass: just to say die
Xin: Nobody learns from teachers they don’t respect, right?
Trynd: or kidney failure
Cass: lmao
Cass: so original
Trynd: yea bitch die
Cass: dude im trying to say is
Cass: yes i played bad
Cass: and yes
Cass: u did pretty well
Cass: but
Cass: doesn’t mean i play bad every game
Trynd: idgaf about every game
Cass: u probably play bad some games to and ur teammate probably does the same thing
Cass: what im saying
Cass: dont take this game too seriously
Trynd: listen when u are doing bad and ur won’t continue to tilt
Cass: cuz u kinda are taking this game seriously
Cass: not gonna lie
Trynd: nah ppl like u are why i support abortion
Cass: ppl probably agree with me
Cass: lol
Trynd: fuk you trying to get cheerleaders on ur side
Cass: if u did bad
Trynd: fuk that ekko
Trynd: fuk that thresh
Cass: lol
Cass: see
Trynd: and fuk that xin
Cass: look at this dude
Cass: trying to win by being original
Trynd: im here to tell you that if you don’t shape up
Trynd: someone is gunna walk into yo house
Cass: not gonna lie seeing a trynd player toxic is normal
Trynd: and fuk ya wife
Cass: lmao
Cass: i dont got a wife
Trynd: you bitch
Cass: lmao
Trynd: then fuk ya husband
Xin: You heard him. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.
Cass: T^
Cass: dont gotta husband either
Cass: and if u do
Cass: ahts said to be playing when ur married
Trynd: and if i knew who u were it would be me
Cass: not gonna lie
Trynd: i would fuk ya wife and ya husband
Cass: lol this conversationis over
Cass left the lobby
Trynd: lmao
Trynd: dude is a pleb
Trynd: ggwp
Xin: ggwp


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