This is a blog about the mind of a person who is trying to go on a low-sodium brain-diet while still remaining passionate about various rage-inducing hobbies. Everything will likely orbit around some sort of electronic entertainment. At the moment, I am most likely to talk about:

  • Video games
  • Digital painting
  • Cool little apps that make my life more enjoyable
  • Feelings

I discovered that my favorite people in the world are not salty despite being in an environment where it rains sodium. People like Biobreak of the MMO fame or Sheth from Starcraft II represent a minority of people that seem genuinely nice despite playing in environments where negativity is the predominant default modus.

As a blogger, I’m cognizant of the fact that there’s nothing new under the sun. Most of my knowledge comes from sources that regularly distribute helpful things like Lifehacker. However, I feel that even if something isn’t new, it may be interesting to someone at a particular point in time. Someone may be browsing

Since I’m past the age where randomness is 100% fun, I will try my best to not be pretentiously random, but I do have strangely varied interests. I love playing Starcraft 2 and League of Legends, but I will randomly toss in something like Glitch or Second Life if there’s some insight to be gained from talking about it. I enjoy e-sports, but then I turn around and scream that I deeply love role-playing and exploration. I don’t consider it a great blessing as it generally means I drop games left and right.

Overall, I want this blog to be about me in its entirety. Not necessarily for the purposes of self-glorification but for mere self-edification. I want to express myself in the hopes of encouraging other people to be themselves and enjoy everything that they possibly can, verses feeling like they have to turn on certain things and turn them off based on whoever they’re talking to.


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